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About l'art et l'automobile

l’art et l’automobile specializes in vintage transportation-related categories that include drawings, paintings, photographs, posters, mascots, sculptures, models, toys, objects, programs, literature, magazines, and automobilia.

Whether you are looking to browse the hundreds of items on our store at arteauto.com, or you prefer the excitement of our online auctions at arteautoauction.com we have something to offer for every automotive enthusiast and collector.

  • arteauto.com is our preeminent online automotive art gallery and your biggest resource for auto memorabilia on the internet. In our extensive collection you will find the most important artists and automobilia from the 1890s to date.
  • At arteautoauction.com, our sister site, we hold online auctions all year round and offer bidders an opportunity to acquire a vast selection of vintage automobilia. Note that these auctions are now held exclusively online.
Jacques - Owner of l'art et l'automobile
Jacques Vaucher, owner of l’art et l’automobile, in 2012 in his gallery on the ranch in Harper, TX.
l'art et l'automobile gallery in Harper, TX
Another view of l’art et l’automobile gallery on the ranch in Harper, TX.
l'art et l'automobile gallery in New York
View of the interior of l'art et l'automobile previous gallery in East Hampton.

With l’art et l’automobile, Jacques Vaucher has been decorating the automobile enthusiast’s business, home, garage, museum and race track since 1975.

Jacques in a Formula Car
Jacques Vaucher, early 1970s, in a Formula Car in Magny-Cours, France.
Jacques driving a GT40
Jacques Vaucher at the wheel of the Ford GT40 “Mirage” in 1989 at Watkins Glen.
Jacques in his gallery in New York City
Jacques Vaucher in 1982 in his first gallery in New York City.

A little bit of history...

L'art et I'automobile is owned by Jacques Vaucher, who from the age of four was the unofficial test driver of pedal and motorized cars for "Eureka,” a toy manufacturer in France owned by his godfather. This fascination with speed continued, as did his dream of being a race car driver. His schooling at Winfield, France’s famous racing school, lead Jacques to different forms of racing. Jacques found his niche in touring car endurance championships in the U.S. and produced winning results at Limerock and Watkins Glen. Concurrently, he sold Maseratis for the importer Bob Grossman and later managed the New York Showroom of Ferrari importer Luigi Chinetti. Jacques turned the Showroom into a gallery, covering the walls with automotive art to complement the moving sculptures displayed on the floor.

Now with somewhat slower reflexes, Jacques continues to follow his passion as the owner of America's preeminent automotive art gallery and auction house. In the extensive collection, you will find the most important artists and automobilia from the 1890s to date. As its name implies, l’art et l’automobile has historically focused on automotive collectibles, however, recently they have expanded their selection and have begun to offer impressive collection of motorcycle, nautical, and aeronautical related items.

For the neophyte collector or the one without the time to seek every individual piece on their own, Jacques has on numerous occasions provided consultation and decorating services. Just give him a budget, some ideas of what you might like, how big the space is, and he will do the rest. If a customized automotive library is what you are seeking, he can also amass enough books to fill all your shelves.

In addition to selling through an online store, a gallery, and at exhibitions around the United States and the world, I'art et I'automobile holds online auctions annually that offer bidders an opportunity to acquire a vast selection of automobllia. These auctions are held exclusively online and stay open for several weeks; interested bidders must offer at least the minimum bid on any given lot and are given as many opportunities as they like to increase their bid before the auction closes. Bids may be submItted online, in person, or by phone, mail or fax. Many of these treasures are acquired by Jacques, whIle others are sold on consignment.

Collectors interested in viewing what l’art et l’automobile has to offer may visit the website at arteauto.com, find Jacques in person at any number of events annually, or schedule an appointment to see the gallery/barn in Harper, Texas. With a large current inventory of thousands of items of automobilia, there is something on offer for every automotive enthusiast and collector–regardless of why they collect.

Jacques and his wife Karen at Laguna Seca
Jacques & his wife Karen exhibiting at Laguna
Seca in California.

A  few pictures from our time in New York...

Jacques and LeRoy Neiman
Jacques with LeRoy Neiman and his work at the opening of the Monte Carlo Chase show at l’art et l’automobile.
Jacques and clients
Jacques & a few clients/friends in his 34th street penthouse gallery N.Y.C.
l'art et l'automobile gallery on 34th street in New York
Gallery opening 34th street in N.Y.C.
l'art et l'automobile on Madison Ave in New York
Gallery opening on Madison Ave. in N.Y.C.
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